March - April 2015 Newsletter

Grand Knight’s Message:
I’m sure we are all saying the same thing, “when is it going to stop snowing and when will we get some warmer weather”. We just can’t fight with Mother Nature, but I hope it changes soon.
The last few months have been very hectic at the council. We received a handbook from Supreme entitled “Handbook for Councils Using Home Corporations Facilities” (meaning Columbian Clubs with bar and hall rental facilities). The book has forty pages and tells what is to be done at councils with these facilities. It will take months for our council to determine what will happen with our Columbian Club.  Shall we keep it, close it, or just make the necessary changes? We know a few things for certain. We can no longer advertise our hall for rent using “Knights of Columbus” hall for hire nor can we advertise on Facebook to “come on down to the Knights of Columbus for Karaoke”. There has to be clear separation of the Knights of Columbus from the Columbian Club activities.
I could go on and on about the changes we may have to make, but until all is finalized, we will have to take one step at a time.
We are now in the Lenten Season. The message from our council Chaplain (Father Guy) says it all very well.
On behalf of our council, I would like to wish you all a very Holy and Happy Easter Season.
Fraternally Yours,
Don Becker, Grand knight
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