New Members

We had a 1st degree member initiation ceremony on July 25, 2015. Our Council now has 4 new members:
Amen Maldonado
Gary Bomer
Robert Balandran
Daniel Taborda
We wish to thank Steve Szabo, PGK, Membership Director, for facilitating the initiation of these new members.

Newsletter - January and February 2015

Grand Knight’s Message:
On behalf of the Edison Council, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New year.
As of January 1st we entered the last half of our Columbian year. As many of you have heard, Supreme is not happy with council’s having Columbian Clubs. Therefore, they are in the process of issuing regulations regarding these councils. Metuchen Diocese is having a meeting of all Councils with Columbian Clubs on January 28th. Until then, we have to wait to find out what the new regulations will be.

Corporate Communion - August 17 - Picnic

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Hope all are enjoying the summer weather,
We will be holding a Corporate Communion on Saturday, August 17. The Communion Mass will begin at 5:00PM. We will have a picnic dinner afterward on the Council Hall's newly landscaped picnic area. Please bring lawn chairs!!

Tootsie Roll Drive

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Greetings everyone an Happy Easter,
I wish to thank everyone who has helped out with the Mentally Challenged Drive (Tootsie Roll Drive) this weekend. Paul Gorski and his crew collected $1340 at the Shop-Rite. Good job everyone!!
Wayne Mascola


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